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Can An Air Conditioner Cause A Stuffy Nose? Avoid Congestion With AC

There are a few things worse than having congested sinuses, or what people commonly refer to as a stuffy nose. With the headache, runny mucus, and pain around your cheeks, […]

Should I Get An Extended Warranty On An Air Conditioner? Don’t Buy It

When you buy air conditioning, warranties often come for free with your purchase and last a limited amount of time. But you’re often told that if you really want to […]

Best Air Conditioner Temperature For Sleeping | Your Ideal Sleep Climate

It’s difficult to sleep through a hot muggy summer without the help of a functional air conditioner. But your full night's sleep can also be ruined if the AC made […]

Are Air Conditioners Supposed To Leak Water? Why AC Leaking Water Is Normal

We love our air conditioners. They cool our home, help us sleep at night and protect our homes from hot humid environments. But that doesn't mean they don't come with […]

Why Does the Air Conditioner Smell Bad? 3 Ways to Fix AC Smells

My Air Conditioner Smells Bad! You arrive home after spending time outside on a hot and humid day. All you want is to relax in comfort with the air conditioner […]
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