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Why Does the Air Conditioner Smell Bad? 3 Ways to Fix AC Smells

My Air Conditioner Smells Bad! You arrive home after spending time outside on a hot and humid day. All you want is to relax in comfort with the air conditioner […]

Should You Run A Dehumidifier And Air Conditioner At The Same Time?

Excessive humidity is one of the greatest enemies of home comfort. Imagine going home after a tiring day at work on a hot summer afternoon. You are looking forward to […]

Does Air Conditioning Raise Blood Pressure? New Air Conditioner Risks

Air conditioners are a staple in any American home nowadays. It comes as no surprise then that people think more about how this modern device impacts their family’s health.  This […]

Single Stage vs Two Stage Air Conditioner | One Should Be Avoided

Before you decide whether to purchase a new single stage or a two-stage air conditioner for your home, you have to know some key information about each product and how […]

Do Air Conditioners Produce Carbon Monoxide? Dumb Air Conditioning Myths

Carbon monoxide poisoning is a serious threat to your family's health. You desperately want to eliminate any chance of being harmed by this hazardous gas. You know that your gas […]

Should You Cover Your Air Conditioner in the Winter? 3 BIG Warnings!

Isn't it beautiful? Your shiny new air conditioner! Well, not really but you spent a lot of money to keep you and your family cool and comfortable during the summers. […]

Why I Chose a Whole House Fan Over Air Conditioning

I chose to use a whole house fan more than I use my air conditioner, and I have been reaping tons of benefits ever since! Countless families have made this […]

Air Conditioning and Allergies: 6 Things You May Not Have Known

I have been contending with seasonal allergies since I was a kid. If you have experienced any type of allergies you’re probably like me and have tried any number of […]

Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?

You were comfortably sitting in your air-conditioned home and you suddenly felt a throbbing headache, which started as mild but then it became more intense. You took an aspirin and […]

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