Robert Bradford


Robert Bradford

I’m Robert Bradford. I’ve been in the heating and air conditioning industry for 30 years. Over 40 if you count the years I helped my father as a kid.

In the online space it’s easy to call yourself an expert. A person will even point to some certification that they think proves it.

But what I’ve found much more telling is someone’s actions. 

One night I received a call from a gentleman in California. He told me his elderly parents live in my area and they needed my help.

Their furnace had stopped working on a cold January night. They had called a local company to get it repaired. But rather than a repair, they were told that the furnace needed to be replaced.

They were told it was producing carbon monoxide and it would kill them. They were told it was lucky they called so that this company, for thousands of dollars, would save their lives by installing a new system. Naturally they were scared and didn’t know what to do so they called their son.

The son wasn’t sure what to do either but he did think it would be a good idea to call some friends in the area and see if they knew anyone that could help. His friends gave him our name.

A few hours later we had fixed their furnace for a few hundred dollars.

We then took the time to test all the “dangerous” items the other company had listed. There was nothing wrong with their furnace. (Other than the dishonest company that was working on it)

Afterwards I had a nice conversation with the son. He was so thankful. Moving forward he knew he wouldn’t have to worry since he was working with someone he could trust. He also wished that I lived close to him so he wouldn’t have to go through the same thing at his own home.

I truly wish it wasn’t so hard to find an honest company. Unfortunately, the push for profits has made it difficult.

There was a time our trade was filled with skilled tradesmen that took pride in their craft. Importance was placed on treating people honestly and having customers for life.

Nowadays our trade is filled with skilled salesmen that do a little heating and air conditioning on the side.

So that’s why I started The Comfort Academy.

What is The Comfort Academy All About?
Heating and air conditioning can be confusing. People need information to make the right choice. And most of the information on the internet about it is either awful or marketing hype.

I wanted to build a spot on the internet that gave people unbiased answers to their HVAC questions. A way to avoid the tricks and scams that fill this industry.

I also wanted to build a site that would help people identify who they could trust. I know there are good and honest HVAC contractors. But it takes time and the right information to be able to spot them.

I sincerely hope that I can help you. I’ve spent my life learning this trade and I believe that what I’ve learned will help out many of you. Please let me know if there’s anything that I can do for you.