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You were comfortably sitting in your air-conditioned home and you suddenly felt a throbbing headache, which started as mild but then it became more intense. You took an aspirin and ...

Can Air Conditioning Cause Headaches?

In an effort to reduce energy consumption or save money some folks wonder if they can nix the A/C all together and get away with using just a whole-home dehumidifier. ...

Can I Use A Dehumidifier Instead Of An Air Conditioner?

Lightning strikes are common during a thunderstorm and can cause severe damage to your air conditioner and other electrically powered systems inside your home. Since lightning DOES strike the same ...

How To Protect Your Air Conditioner From Lightning Strikes

(Updated April 30, 2020) A common question when someone needs to replace their furnace is whether to choose single stage or two stage. Most people pay very little attention to ...

Is A Two Stage Furnace Worth It?

While we love a BBQ on the patio or sprucing up the curb appeal with some beautiful flower beds, nothing can detract more from your outdoor living space than a ...

How To Hide Your Air Conditioner Like A Pro


I've been in the heating and air conditioning industry for 30 years. Over 40 if you count the years I helped my father as a kid. On this site, I share everything I've learned about finding the best HVAC Contractors and equipment for your home.


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