Isn’t it beautiful? Your shiny new air conditioner! Well, not really- but you spent a lot of money to keep you and your family cool and comfortable during the summers.

Overall Best thermostat for home comfort and saving money Installation Some installations may need a professional Ease of Use Well thought out interface across all devices Support Website search could

No product is pushed harder in the heating industry than variable speed furnaces. There are three reasons for this: Rebates to consumers are closely connected to them. Contractor pricing and

I wonder how some consumer magazines and review sites do it? How can they pass judgment on ALL products that come into their realm?Is it because of some divine ability

A common question when someone needs to replace their furnace is whether to choose a single stage or two stage furnace. Most people pay very little attention to their furnace.

I remember sitting in a meeting one summer as a “high tech professional” from a manufacturer described how an air conditioner works. I can honestly say I was amazed.Not by


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